The Garden Claws

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Gardening just got easier with The Garden Claws. 

Dig your way through the garden and easily create pockets of soil to place your favorite plants in.
Dig your way to the roots of weeds and easily pull them out. The Garden Gloves are the perfect gift idea for gardeners. 

Dependable and Reliable

Each glove is made from a combination of latex, rubber, polyester, and ABS plastic. 
The Garden Gloves are waterproof to prevent deterioration from wet soil. They're also puncture-resistant! They help prevent your hands from broken nails and cuts. They're super easy to clean! 

Built For Ease

Each plastic claw is made from ABS plastic. There are 4 claws on each hand, leaving the thumb free. Each claw on The Garden Claws is attached with an environmentally safe adhesive. 
These Garden Claws are an easy solution for digging, planting, and raking without the need for many other hand tools. These gloves make gardening fun and easy. 

One size fits most. 
HW1382A (4)
HW1382A (5)

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