2 in 1 Dog Treat Pouch

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Take dog treats on the go with ease with our 2 in 1 Dog Treat Pouch. 

Simple to use. 

Carry small pet necessities, like dog treats and doggie bags, with this 2 in 1 Dog Treat Pouch that attaches easily to your waist. No more holding or lugging around treats and doggy waste bags in hand, in your purse, or inconveniently in a backpack. 

Keep the goodies close.  

Awesome and Unique Design! 

This 2 in 1 Dog Treat Pouch is designed with a waist clamp design to easily attach to virtually any belt, jeans, yoga pants, and more! 

There is a pouch for doggie waste bags! The drawstring design allows for easy and convenient pulling of your doggie waste bags. 

Convenient and Unique!

We're proud to display such a great and unique product. 

This 2 in 1 Dog Treat Pouch can be used to help with dog training. It's also great for long walks, dog parks, and traveling! Take this anywhere with you and you'll see how much you and your dog will love it. 

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