Adjustable Standing Desk

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Why do you need an Adjustable Standing Desk?
You need more energy when you work and standing will keep your blood circulation and mind more active. Sitting tends to associate your mind with sleep. Standing will make you more productive and help you accomplish more work than expected. 

In 2013, a study showed that an average of ten heartbeats per minute caused by using a standing desk is equal to an additional fifty calories burnt per hour. Standing will make you more productive and help you accomplish more work than expected. The Adjustable Standing Desk will lessen the burden on your lower back that is caused by sitting for extended periods of time.

On the other hand, prolonged standing has also its own sets of risks and disadvantages.

This is the reason why we don’t recommend standing all the time too.

Product Length: 23.6"L*23.6"W*27.5"-43.5"H
Product Weight: 19.8 lbs
Package Weight: 20.3 lbs
Material: 0.6” MDF board & premium 0.05” thickness high-quality carbon steel
Hence, when buying a standing workstation these factors should be in consideration

Sturdy & Durable
Adjustable Standing Desk provides enough space for a screen monitor, keyboard, mouse, and more.
Work according to your desired position. A height adjustment mechanism allows converting the Adjustable Standing Desk from a sitting to a standing desk in a minute.
Built-in Casters allows moving the Adjustable Standing Desk easier while locking brakes keep the desk secure.

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