2 in 1 Portable Pet Water Bottle

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Take your pet's water and treats on the go with this 2 in 1 Portable Pet Water Bottle. Great for long walks, dog parks, and traveling! 

Stand out

Tired of boring and inconvenient water bottles at the dog park? We need a way to get rid of the tacky and inconvenient water bottle, don't we? 

Looking for a convenient way to quench your dog's thirst and satisfy their hunger without needing to bring multiple items? Well, look no further.



Water & Food Storage:

This pet water bottle is made of two parts. It can hold 8.7 oz water and 6.7 ounces of food.

One-handed operation:

A single switch-like button that opens/closes and releases water. Water can easily be drawn back into the water bottle if not fully drank.


BPA-free, lead-free. Durable and can be disassembled easily for cleaning.

Double Leak-Proof Design: Rubber seal ring to avoid a leak. No frustrating water leaks.

Portable, lightweight and convenient.

Shipping. 4-13 days

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