Shipping Policy


Let's Talk Shipping

90% of items are shipped from suppliers and manufacturers here The United States. 

We look for a cross between the best quality, shipping time and price to finalize our decision on where to ship from. We work with the best suppliers and manufacturers to ensure quality and great customer service.

The processing time typically takes 1-3 business days.

Shipping time is typically 4-11 business days, but can take as little as 5 days to arrive. 

There are times shipping may exceed 14 days but only in rare circumstances. 

Some items are processed in 1-2 days and arrive in 1-2 days. These items will be noted. 


If you have placed an order and have not received a shipping confirmation after 72 hours, please reach out to 

We'd be more than happy to check where we are in the shipping process.

We do our best to provide you with the BEST products, BEST prices and BEST shipping times we can find. We promise. 

DISCLAIMER:  All shipping costs and estimated delivery times are based off of the U.S. At the moment we are configuring our system to allow us to calculate World Wide Shipping. At this current moment, if you do not reside in the U.S, please reach out to for assistance in shipping outside the country.

We apologize for any inconvenience this causes. We promise that we will find an efficient solution to this. Thank you. 



As we stated, most of our products are shipped from the United States but there are some products that are shipped from China. There will be some delays in shipping and delivery delays between February 9th-February 17th. Please don't worry as this is very temporary and we will be back in full effect on immediately following! 

Remember that only some products are effected. 

1/21/2021 Update: We are currently researching sourcing solutions to ensure we are not effected by Chinese New Year at all. Unfortunately some of our manufacturers will be going home to China for a bit so this may affect delivery times. 

Please understand this is outside of our control. We are looking to build a long term brand and would never stray anyone away from the truth.